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Ask yourself this: Is climbing into a ship, placing your hands on the controls and making your own way in a huge galaxy something you want to do.You can choose to live dangerously, destroying all around you and not giving a hoot who thinks nasty things about you.It is exceptionally agile and packs an impressive amount of firepower for what it is.Global rewards for these events usually have some sort of cash incentive (8th stage of Lugh reclamation currently has a base reward of 70k, running up to 17.5mil for the top 5% of players) as well as something else such as ship and part discounts, or access to exclusive rare trade items.

It is recommended you use the link above at the beginning of this page to find out the best trade routes whenever you need to.Elite Dangerous is a pretty resource intensive game on the PC.IF Only: Text Adventures For People Who Hate Guessing The Verb.This tool assists Commanders with plotting out profitable trade routes in the PC game Elite: Dangerous, currently in Beta.Drop into one of these signals and you will discover a few Type-9s floating around, broadcasting messages about how much they love money or whatever.It is going to take you a little while to reach the Type-6, as it is priced at 1.1 million credits and costs at least another million to outfit to a half-decent spec.

Access to over 2 million prices and data for over 477,000 systems and 64,000.And there it is, our guide to space careers. Wait. What. Did I just black out and write another 4000 words.Another station in the same system offers a mission to kill 9 pirates for 17,000.You need to know if they are worth the time, bullets, drones and effort.By the time the pirate realises you have not dropped the agreed amount, he has his cargo scoop out and is still approaching the first cannister super slowly.If they are an amenable victim, they will talk to you about giving up certain things over others.Byte: Elite: Dangerous. bounty hunting is a helluva lot more fun than doing relentless trading runs).

Elite Dangerous Beginner Guide for Trade Ship Progression

This means that you profit 12 CR per domestic appliance sold.Obviously, if you are at the tail-end of a rares run, you will be more defensive of your goods.If your shields get low, boost away from the fight and supercruise out.

Agreeing to drop 10 tonnes of Auto-fabricators over comms, revving up to full speed and only dropping 4 cannisters while you quickly boost away is a totally valid tactic.Edit Equipment Upgraded Cargo Rack: As you get more money from trading, the first thing you will want to do is upgrade your cargo rack.

TradeDangerous is set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most.EDMarketConnector - Downloads commodity market and other station data from the game Elite: Dangerous for use with all popular online and offline trading tools.For example, a mission offers 15,000 credits to go kill 7 pirates.

This can be a little dangerous, as hitting other ships or even stations can damage or destroy your ship.In some warzones the faction you side with will ahve a massive advantage but that does not stop two wings of Vultures coming into the warzone and turning your hull into swiss cheese before you can even put 4 pips to the engines.

Nebulas are a good end goal and often house crazy systems with multiple stars and black holes, all of which will get you super dollah when you return.On top of supplying endless streams of wanted fugitives to kill, the cops will also be there to lend a helping hand.Job Seeking: An Elite Dangerous Career Guide. Reddit and other community hubs to track down where the money is being.The only downside in a combat situation is the shield recharge speed, which is quite low.