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Read how to survive this historic moment of cryptocurrency world in Bitcoin Magazine.What all this means to you is that if you own 1 Bitcoin now (pre-split), after the split on August 1st you will own 1 Bitcoin (BTC) and 1.

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The battle may be won, but judging by the events leading into what is likely to be an acceptance of the NY Agreement, the war may yet have a few more battles before the a Bitcoin victor emerges.

That is only normal, as that can be the day during which Bitcoin splits.This is a split from the main Bitcoin network by a minority group.Note that anyone who holds BTC is holding pre-split Bitcoin, and come August 1st, they will get it exchanged at 1BTC for 1 each of Segwit Coin and Bitcoin Cash.Download Now: CoinDesk Launches Q2 State of Blockchain Report.As some people may be aware on the 1st of August 12:20pm UTC ( 2nd Aug 00:20 am NZT) some members of the bitcoin community plan to split off from the main chain and.What Happens If Bitcoin Splits in Two. 12:23 AM EDT August 1, 2017.Explore further: Threat of a bitcoin split avoided, for now. 162 shares. feedback to editors.

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A soft fork is a process through which activation of the protocol embedded into the soft fork is supported on a specified date by the network nodes.Click here to view original web page at Even though most Bitcoin users feel that there will be no chain split in the next few weeks, they may be wrong.A split in the blockchain into two and the possible loss of Bitcoins as a result are the greater concern, though from a core developer perspective, it is easy to understand why there is such disagreement over agreeing to simply increase the blockchain storage capacity on demand.As a result of the hacking incident, there were 3 solutions offered: To accept the theft and the losses and take no further action.At this point, miners that are mining Bitcoin Cash will create a transaction block greater than 1 MB in size and fork the bitcoin network.

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Without the increase in capacity, the general consensus held by Bitcoin miners is that income opportunities will begin to recede as increasing transaction volumes slowdown the entire blockchain process.Ethereum created a new blockchain and ultimately reversed the theft, leaving the original Ethereum blockchain, now known as Ethereum Classic behind, a small minority continuing to support and assign value to the old blockchain.

I want to avoid. (August 1st) or a proposed SegWit-2Mb hard fork which has widescale commercial agreement.This is probably not a safe assumption as miners will likely be switching between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash depending on which one is more profitable.The only solution being that a transaction on one chain can only be considered valid on the chain in question, such a precaution avoiding the broadcasting of transactions on the other blockchain.

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By simply allowing Bitcoin blockchain to be increased, the issue of centralization not only remains but is likely to be exasperated, with the mining few having the capability and hashing power to eat into the increased capacity, in the interest of increasing transaction fee income.

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The fears of unintentional Bitcoin split due to the activation of SegWit may have been averted and chances of. will fork on August 1st as per the announced plans.Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin that will activate on August 1st and will offer an alternative.

Also, once markets are live, trading is likely to be choppy. (Part of what caused crazy volatility during the Zcash launch was that so few exchanges supported it during the first few days.).On August 1, 2017 12:20PM UTC, the Bitcoin network is scheduled to experience a hard fork that will result in a permanent split of the Bitcoin network.In a worst case scenario, BIP 148 could cause Bitcoin to chain split into two separate blockchains,.

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Any transactions after the August 1st ledger split are c ompletely separate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.Both blockchains in the event of a fork split would need to ensure that coins cannot be moved twice, which is considered to be a challenge by the Bitcoin world.

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Countdown to SegWit: These Are the Dates to. day for miners to avoid a split.It is an opportunity for bitcoin to scale and meet growing demand.

The notoriously volatile cryptocurrency, whose 150 percent surge this year has captivated.If Bitcoin Cash has relatively low hashing power, we can expect some difficulty adjustments at this time.A segment of all Bitcoin users plans to activate a user activated soft fork (UASF).

On August 1st,. user and owned bitcoin at the time of the August 1st split,.Well that is a good info coming from you, that it will rather be a good or innovated version of bitcoin after August 1 and we should not panic for the impending event.It has become likely that Bitcoin Cash will be created by a group of miners led by ViaBTC on August 1.While the Bitcoin world will need to continue considering the possibility of a hard fork, there is also the possibility of a replay attack, in the event of a hard fork outcome, such an outcome considered to have dire consequences to Bitcoin.On 1 August 2017 bitcoin split into two derivative digital currencies,.

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As suggested earlier in the Article, there are some must dos ahead of Bitcoin fork event, which are: Having control of the keys is certainly the way forward, though the general view is that Bitcoin value will fall as a result of the split.

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Separation of the Bitcoin network is something that both sides are likely to want to avoid, with the possibility of Bitcoin holders seeing their version of Bitcoin falling to zero or on the other side of the fence, miners being wiped out, should Bitcoin users prevail in the aftermath of a soft fork.

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That could ultimately lead to a shift towards other cryptocurrencies or, worse yet, a return to the known phenomena of central bank and government controlled currencies.Such events would certainly add to the negative sentiment towards Bitcoin, a blockchain split having already caused significant damage.So, in the event of a Bitcoin blockchain split that results in 1BTC and 1BTU, 1BTC being the original blockchain.

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However, investors should not fear the creation of Bitcoin Cash.